Stay Connected Without paying a fortune

Some leading text here. For NGOs, NPOs, or any organization needing cheap and reliable international communication. Whether via SMS or voice, get in touch using built-in apps in your browser, or any phone you own (mobile or landline). Stay organized and keep the communication channels open with volunteers/employees/communities at home and abroad.

Look up base rates for any country.

*Voice support coming soon!

You can also look up available numbers

Unlimited numbers

Search and buy as many numbers in the US, CAN, and the UK. Each number costs a small monthly fee of $1.50.

Unlimited Users

Add as many users as you want to your account. Use fine grained permissions to maintain security.

Unlimited contacts

Store unlimited number of contacts that can be shared among your entire organization.

Pay As You Go. Add as much credit as you need

There are no data limits. You simply add credit and refill when you're running low. Since each number you buy has a monthly fee, you just need to make sure you have enough credit to cover the sum of those fees or simply cancel any number you don't want anymore.


Allow as many people as you want access to view your organization's communication. You can choose to only allow your employees or volunteers to send messages and make calls but still give donors or the general public an insight into what's going on. Each number can have its own permission settings so a number that's used to relay personal information can be locked down to a few select people you choose.